ForHonor 1.0

Fights against players like yourself in bloody battles
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The world of For Honor is harsh, yet filled with beautiful wildlands, grandiose landmarks, and majestic ruins. Its hardy inhabitants eke a living as they can in spite of living in a state of near perpetual war. For Honor features several exciting game modes that pit players against one another, such as 4v4 Dominion, 2v2 Brawls, 1v1 Duels, 4v4 Team Death Matches, and 4v4 Elimination.

The playable warriors of For Honor are battle-hardened elite soldiers. Each play specialized roles in their respective factions and all are highly skilled, deadly foes. Mastering each heroes’ unique fighting styles is highly rewarding and will grant you a significant edge when facing your opponents in For Honor’s novel game modes. Learn the movements of your favorite heroes.

The Knights of Ashfeld are brash paragons of might. They were sent by the Iron Legions to pacify the land. They’ve since acquired a taste for freedom and have made Ashfeld their home. The Vikings vanished centuries ago, fleeing their crumbling homelands for shores unknown. Those left behind were conquered by the Knights and assimilated into their cultures. History has not been kind to the Samurai. Originally from a land far away across the seas, they tell a tale of an Emperor and a homeland lost to sea and fire.

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